PADI free diving offer to free diving professional from other agencies to enjoy the advantage that can offer such an agency like PADI.

Any freediving instructor from any level such beginner, advance, master and instructor trainer or any agency like SSI, RAID, AIDA, Apnea Total etc... enrol in the cross over training.

In the original crossover you will learn about the PADI freediving standards, organisation, history, philosophy. You will also be introduced to the PADI Project AWARE, the PADI education material such the PADI Freediving touch.

The purpose of this course is to give the knowledge and the necessary expertise to any new PADI freediving instructor to run comfortably a freediving course and certify new freedivers.

The mimimim requirement for a candidate to become a PADI freediving instructor are:  

  1. Be al ready certified as a FREEDIVING instructor from an other agency 
  2. Be at list 18 years old
  3. Have a medical certification of at list 12 month
  4. Pass the PADI freediving instructor Exam
  5. Be certified EFR instructor ( if you are not certified EFR instructor you can also take the EFR instructor course with the FIDC for more info click here )
  6. Have an Active diving insurance 

Price :

  350 $ + years fees and instructor Material