20 meters ( 2 days course ) 190 euros

Course Overview

The PADI Freediver course introduces the student to static, dynamic and constant weight freediving knowledge and skills. It is intended for the freediving enthusiast as opposed to the casual snorkeler or skin diver, so it emphasizes the specialized breathing techniques, equipment, procedures and safety issues associated with it.

Students complete the knowledge development using the Freediver portion of the PADI Freediver Touch That will be provided in classroom sessions, followed by the Freediver Confined Water Session, and Freediver Open Water Sessions One and Two.

PADI Basic Freediver is a subset of the PADI Freediver course. Basic Freedivers only complete the knowledge development and confined water sessions. 

Freediving interests people who are already certified scuba divers, but also people who have little or no scuba diving experience at all. For that reason, the knowledge development and skills and their respective performance requirements must address topics and skills that scuba divers already know. These include, gas volume relationships, entries and exits, aquatic life, and how to equalize. If your students/participants are certified scuba divers who understand these, you can move through such topics quickly by confirming retention and mastery. With people new to diving, be prepared to spend more time developing these areas.